Dialyse Centrum Spain


Dialysis Dialysis Center Centrum Spain Dialysis Center Spain (CDE) is an integrated hemodialysis advanced unit at Hospital Clinica Benidorm (HCB) in the heart of the Costa Blanca (Spain). The center offers patients with dialysis (renal replacement therapy) international and multilingual team at your disposal 24 hours, more than 40 medical specialties in the center with exclusive facilities for dialysis, advanced technology and the reference unit of “Hemodynamics 24 hours and 365 days.”

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Why dialysis Dialysis Center Spain?


In Spain Dialysis Center want you to keep your dialysis treatment while enjoying a pleasant holiday on the Costa Blanca. We think it’s important that our dialysis patients can fit into their daily lives and, therefore, as part of a vacation. The service of hemodialysis (artificial kidney treatment) is located in the center of Benidorm (Alicante, Spain), allowing you to dialyze near your hotel or apartment so that the treatment the least impact on your day to day.

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Holiday Dialysis


Spain Dialysis Center offers exclusive holiday hemodialysis. We specialize in hemodialysis patients wishing to use the air bridge between the Netherlands and the Costa Blanca in Spain. During your stay you can enjoy all that Spain has to offer: sun, sea, beach, nature, culture, Festivals and gastronomy. In order that the treatment fits perfectly in your holidays have nocturnal dialysis service, as long as your doctor prescribed and there are enough requests.

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